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"The strongest tool for shifting human consciousness is one that combines music, story and image to reach directly into the subconscious of the viewer."

In addition to creating and producing award-winning original content, Frank Fitzpatrick specializes in successfully integrating music throughout all phases of design, production, marketing and social outreach. To speak to Frank about ways to make your next production a success, contact us here. To license existing songs and recordings by Frank Fitzpatrick and the many talented artists with whom he has recorded, visit licensing options.

Beat the World Amazing, a film by Shanghai Studios in association with the NBA, is expected to reach over 100 million fans in China. It is an inspiring contemporary drama about a programmer (China's leading actor, Huang Xiao Ming) contracted to design the world's first thought-controlled virtual reality basketball game. The story explores how the blurring line between virtual world and reality can impact society and human relationships. In English and Mandarin, Amazing features stars from China, Taiwan, Korea, and the US, along with NBA icons Carmelo Anthony, Scottie Pippen and Dwight Howard. Executive Music Producer, Frank Fitzpatrick composed the theme songs and an original score featuring the Chinese National Symphony Orchestra with lead soprano Ying Huang.

"The Kiss" Bilingual Theme Song featuring Ying Huang
"Eileen Arrives" from the Original Score

Amazing: The Original Soundtrack - More Info at

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Beat the World
Beat the World Beat the World: From the creator of Stomp The Yard, Writer/Director Robert Adetuyi's new film was shot in 4 countries and tells the story of young dancers and crews coming from around the world to Detroit to compete in the International Hip Hop Dance competition. Continuing his long-standing collaboration with Robert, Frank is Executive Music Producer for the film, as well as writing and producing the original songs and themes in collaboration with leading artists from the global Hip Hop music scene including KNAAN, Nneka, KRS-One and many more.

"Hip Hop Nation" - KRS-One feat. K'NAAN and Lina
"Express Yourself" - Nneka feat. Ziggy Marley and Eeday

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Urban Roots
Beat the World Urban Roots is a documentary film from Tree Media (11th Hour) following the urban farming phenomenon in Detroit. Urban Roots is a timely, moving and inspiring work that speaks to a nation grappling with collapsed industrial towns and the need to forge a sustainable and prosperous future. A Detroit native himself, Frank became the Executive Music Producer for the film as a way to give back to his birth place. He also composed the original score and several songs for the film, including the main title track "Hear My Cry".

"Hear My Cry" - Braille Method feat. Lina
"Urban Suite" from the Original Score

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High Chicago
HIGH CHICAGO, set in 1975, is a gritty drama about Sam, a 42-year-old husband and father of two, in the grip of a serious gambling addiction. When Sam loses his job; instead of admitting his failure to his wife Ruth, he chooses instead to chase the foolhardy dream of traveling to Africa to open a drive-in theater. Frank served as Executive Music Producer and composed a very original score featuring world-renowned instrumentalist Arturo Sandoval and West African Singer Alpha Diallo. The soundtrack for High Chicago features music from 70's Afro-soul icons Hugh Masekela, Fela Kuti, Isaac Hayes and War, along with selections from the score and the end title theme song "Without You," by Frank.

"Without You" - Jacob G.
"High Chicago Medley" from the Original Score

Hurricane Season
Be On Our Way: Hurricane Season Soundtrack Hurricane Season: Forest Whitaker, Isaiah Washington, Courtney B. Vance, Bow Wow and Lil’ Wayne star in “Hurricane Season,” the exciting true story about Al Collins (Whitaker), a high school basketball coach in Marrero, Louisiana, who pulls together an unlikely group of high school basketball players - all left homeless and disenfranchised by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. The song “Be On Our Way” is one of the national outreach efforts of Frank Fitzpatrick’s NGO EarthTones ("Healing the World through Music" - and is part of a fundraising and awareness program to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.

"Be On our Way" by Van Hunt featuring Supervision, Buku Wise & Hidden Faces

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Anthony Hamilton - Soul Men - Soul Music

Soul Men                                                                                 Grammy Nominated Title Song
Soul Men Soul Men (Weinstein Films) features Samuel L. Jackson and the late Bernie Mac as former soul singers from the Memphis Stax Records era who travel cross country to perform at a tribute concert in honor of their famous former band leader. Also starring the late great Isaac Hayes as himself. Frank wrote and produced the Main Title track and wrote the End Title featuring Anthony Hamilton. The soundtrack album is on Concord/Stax Records with singles and remixes available on iTunes. You will also find the original version of "Soul Music" performed by Hidden Faces featuring Lewis Shaw and Swanee Mac there.

"Soul Music" End Title/CD Version featuring Anthony Hamilton

Grammy Nominated

Jump In!
Jump In! Jump In!, the Disney Double Dutch tale and highest rated film premier on the Disney Channel to date, is a top-selling soundtrack featuring songs from the film's leads, Corbin Bleu and Keke Palmer. Frank composed the original score for the film and wrote and produced 2 songs for the soundtrack, including the single "Jump to the Rhythm", a co-production with Nashville’s Keith Thomas featuring Jordan Pruitt. “Jump to the Rhythm” is also featured throughout the film as one of the main themes, plays as a music video for Jordan and was the opening number for the High School Musical tour.

"Jump to the Rhythm" Theme Song featuring Jordan Pruitt
"Jump in Medley" from the Original Score

The Proud Family Movie
The Proud Family Movie The Proud Family Movie, an animated comedy-adventure featuring all of your favorite characters from the hit Disney series along with Omarion of B2K as Rapper 15 and Arsenio Hall as the mad scientist. Frank composed the action-packed score and wrote and produced the first single for the soundtrack album, featuring Jhene and based on his theme from the film. The soundtrack on Disney records features "Right Here", other new songs and performances from the film and some old favorites from the series (Destiny's Child, etc).

"Right Here" - Theme Song featuring Jhene
"The Proud Family Medley" from the Original Score


Scary Movie 3
Scary Movie 3 Scary Movie 3: This record-breaking box office smash features an original all-Hip Hop soundtrack. All songs but one were co-written and produced by Frank Fitzpatrick as part of his Hip Hop film music venture Hip Hop Connect. Frank also produced on-camera performances by the actors including Simon Rex and Latin Hip Hop legend Fat Joe in the notorious "8 Mile" Rap Battle spoof. The success of the project and continued relationship with the Zucker & Weiss team led to Frank writing and producing the title track for Scary Movie 4.

"White Boy" featuring Simon Rex and Kevin Hart
"Mexican Hat Rap" featuring Delinquent Habits

Friday Friday: The "chronic" New Line comedy was first collaboration between Composer/Music Supervisor Frank Fitzpatrick & rap-superstar/filmmaker Ice Cube and led to one of Hip Hop's all-time classic films, a Multi-Platinum soundtrack and an entire Friday franchise. In addition to the street-wise score composed by Frank and performed by his group Hidden Faces, the soundtrack (Priority Records) featured the Dr. Dre hit "Keep Their Heads Ringing" and other songs by Ice Cube, Cypress Hill, 2 Live Crew and more. A second album from the film "Friday Old School" is filled with 70's soul classics and excerpts from Frank's score.

"The Chase" from the Original Score
"Keep Their Heads Ringin'" by Dr. Dre

Queen of the Damned
Queen of the Damned Queen of the Damned: In this highly stylized installment of the Anne Rice vampire trilogy, Lestat (Stuart Townsend) becomes a rock star whose music wakes up the queen of all vampires (Aaliyah). The star-studded soundtrack (Warner Bros.) features Marilyn Manson, Papa Roach, Orgy, David Draiman (Disturbed), Chester Bennington (Linkin Park), Static X, and the songs of Jonathan Davis (Korn) who is also featured as the voice of Lestat. Frank was Music Supervisor for the film and Certified-Gold soundtrack album, as well as writer/producer for the song "Temptation."

"Excess" by Tricky

Disturbed - Queen of the Damned  

In Too Deep
In Too Deep In Too Deep: This first rate drama starring Omar Epps, Nia Long, LL Cool J and Stanley Tucci offers another all-star Hip Hop soundtrack from Executive Producer Frank Fitzpatrick, including original music by Method Man & Redman, Nas, R. Kelly, Mobb Deep, Jagged Edge (featuring Jermaine Dupri), Capone & Noreaga, Trick Daddy and many others. Fitzpatrick also co-wrote the theme song, "Give Me A Reason" performed by R&B great Dave Hollister, and wrote and produced "Dreamin'" by Jill Scott for both the film and the soundtrack.

"Dreamin'" featuring Jill Scott
"Give me a Reason" featuring Dave Hollister

Various Artists - In Too Deep
(Music from the Dimension Motion Picture) - Dreamin'  

Pirates of Silicon Valley
Pirates of Silicon Valley Pirates of Silicon Valley is the incredible, funny, surprising and very inside story of how a group of eggheads, nerds and geeks became some of the most powerful men in the world today. Steve Job’s and Bill Gate’s story from the early days offers a fascinating insight into the most compelling industry of our time and feels as relevant today as the day it was made. The soundtrack features an original score composed by Frank, along with Rock & Roll classics from the 70's and 80's.

"Main Title" from the Original Score
"Phone Call" from the Original Score

The Larry Sanders Show
The Larry Sanders Show The Larry Sanders Show: Redefining television, star and creator Garry Shandling built an unprecedented cult following and helped make HBO a household name. The critically acclaimed show won over 20 Cable Ace Awards, as well as the 1994 Peabody Award for excellence in Radio and TV. As Music Director and Composer, Frank wrote the theme and music for the entire series, all performed by his Larry Sanders Show Band: a sextet featuring Gerald Albright (#1 contemp. Jazz soloist), James Gadson (James Brown), and Alfonso Johnson (Weather Report). The show was also the stage for many musical guests including Los Lobos, k.d. lang, Sting, Elvis Costello, the Wu Tang Clan and Beck.

"Larry's Theme" Main Title Theme

Frank Fitzpatrick - Theme from "The Larry Sanders Show"  

Kissed by an Angel
Kissed by an Angel Kissed by an Angel: In a film where an angel interferes in the affairs of human relationships, it seemed only fitting for Frank to create a beautiful and angelic theme to weave the love story together. He derived his inspiration from a 17th century Italian love ballad and chose the voice of EMI recording artist, Sasha Lazard to sing it. Frank’s theme, also known as “Angeli”, landed Sasha her first recording deal and has gone on to become a featured song in two other films, as well as the theme for the Toronto Film Festival and a Victoria’s Secret ad campaign.

"Angeli" featuring Sasha Lazard

Stanley's Gig
Stanley's Gig Stanley's Gig: Starring Bill Sanderson, Faye Dunaway and Marla Gibbs, Stanley's Gig is a marvelous character-driven drama about a jazz singer from the Central Avenue days in Los Angeles. The soundtrack features a great original jazz score by Frank, along with his beautiful theme song performed by the main character, actress Marla Gibbs, in the style of a Billie Holiday classic.

"In the Memory of You" featuring Marla Gibbs
"Teddy's Dream" from the Original Score

Love Song
Lil' Pimp Love Song stars pop/R&B sensations Monica as Camille Livingston, a psychology major at Xavier University the daughter of a successful doctor. According to her parents plan, Camille will marry her pre-med boyfriend Calvin soon after graduation. Everything changes after Camille meets the sexy & talented New Orleans blues guitarist Billy James, and she discovers a whole new side of life, love and herself. Performances by all the characters are strong, as is the direction by Julie Dash. The soundtrack features several on camera performances by Monica & Billy, as well as a great new song from Hidden Faces, and a highly effective score composed by Frank Fitzpatrick.

"What U Get" featuring Les Nubians
"What My Heart Says" featuring Monica

Nuns on the Run
Nuns on the Run Nuns on the Run: Two hapless thieves (played by Monty Python's Eric Idle and comic Robbie Coltrane) botch a heist, winding up with bags full of money but also with a passel of criminals -- including the mafia boss they stole from -- hot on their tail. Thinking they'd better lie low until the danger disappears, they pose as nuns with the Mother Superior's help. But even she has a hidden motive: She plans to convince them to donate the cash to the convent.

"Moon on Ice" featuring Yello
"Nun's Medley" from the Original Score

Breaking the Rules
Breaking the Rules Breaking the Rules: It a drama film directed by Neal Israel, starring Jason Bateman, C. Thomas Howell, Jonathan Silverman and Annie Potts. Jason's father, Kent Bateman, has a role in the movie as well. The original motion picture soundtrack was produced by Frank Fitzpatrick and performed by Hidden Faces.

"Gravity" featuring Hidden Faces

Lani Loa: The Passage
Lani Loa: The Passage Lani Loa - The Passage was directed Sherwood Hu and produced by Francis Ford Coppola, Tom Luddy & Wayne Wang. The story is about a Hawaiian police officer (Angus Mcfadden) whose bride gets innocently murdered in a gang shoot out on their wedding day. Her spirit, unresolved the with nature of her death and other innocent victims, comes back to haunt her murderers and release her finance from his guilt and path of vengeance. Fitzpatrick composed a beautiful original score combining strings, voices and heavy percussion, as well and the theme song, Love Is, performed by Hawaiian superstar Keili'i Reichel and featuring Perla Batella in a bilingual duet. Love Is was also re-recorded by Keili'i in Hawaiian (title: "E Ala E") on his solo record, which charted in Billboard as a Top 10 World Music Album. Fitzpatrick recently did a remake of the theme in Italian (entitled: L'Amore), performed Sasha Lazard and available on an EP of her upcoming album "Miles Away".

"L'Amore" remake of theme featuring Sasha Lazard
"Love Is" - featuring Keili'i & Perla Batella

Lil' Pimp
Lil' Pimp Lil' Pimp: Featuring the voices of Bernie Mac, Jennifer Tilly, William Shatner, Ludacris and Lil Kim, Lil’ Pimp is a hilarious yet very touching animated comedy about a 9 year old boy and outsider who finally finds real friends among the most unlikely set of characters. Frank wrote the original score and songs for the film using a compelling blend of a traditional 80-piece orchestra, contemporary Hip Hop tracks & a smokin’ Ol’ School R&B band.

"Lil' Pimp Medley" from the Original Score

Yoga Revolution Volume I YOGA REVOLUTION VOLUME I: The first compilation CD produced by Frank for his new Yoga Revolution CD series features an incredible mix of songs by international recording artists, all brought together to help support yoga and fitness programs for youth. Artists include Sting, Anoushka Shankar, Sheryl Crow, Peter Gabriel, Angelique Kidjo, Ziggy Marley, Donna De Lory, Michael Franti, Sara McLachlan, Krishna Das.

“Bathe In These Waters” (Earthtones Mix) featuring Donna De Lory
“I Am” Guru Singh featuring Seal

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HIDDEN FACES, A Mad World - The Best of Hidden Faces
Mad World, A Mad World - The Best of Hidden Faces MAD WORLD is Hidden Faces' first official release since the group disbanded in the late '90s, as well as the only available collection of these classic recordings. The songs, produced by Fitzpatrick and co-written with other members, feature performances by David Kitay, Simon Franglen, Chuck Wild, Chad Wackerman, Byron Miller and Fitzpatrick himself. All vocals are by Hidden Face's singers Michael Young, Roger Burn and Anedra Shockley. MAD WORLD is a true collector's item for fans of Hidden Faces or simply lovers
of great R&B and Rock.

"Mad World" featuring Hidden Faces
"Gravity" featuring Hidden Faces

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Hidden Faces - A Mad World: The
Best of Hidden Faces

Frank Fitzpatrick, New Standards: Ballads For Solo Piano
Frank Fitzpatrick, New Standards:  Ballads for Solo Piano An intimate and moving collection of original ballads by composer/producer Frank Fitzpatrick written in the style of the great standards of the early 40's (Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, etc.) and performed on solo piano by jazz great Mitchell Forman (Mahavishnu Orchestra, Chick Corea). Already receiving unanimous applause from critics, selections from the album have been featured in The Larry Sanders Show, Bad Company and the upcoming film Stanley's Gig. Guaranteed to satisfy even the most critical listener.

"Until Tonight" performed by Mitchell Forman

CD available as premium through Donate Now!

Frank Fitzpatrick - New Standards: Ballads for Solo Piano